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Eurogame Retreat 2010: Heng’s Report

Welcome to BGC Boardgame Retreat! This is the third boardgame retreat I’ve been to and I’m unique in being the only one attending all three retreats held in recent years. But enough about me, on to the report! I’m sure jack208 will post something later so I’m just going to make this report one that’s seen from my perspective:

Nice signs in Genting GICC directing gamers to the correct room.

Here’s Game Zero in progress with me and li li playing Three-of-a-Crime with…

arm and aanemesis! arm’s a thai and his name is too long to spell so i’ll just call him by the name we all used in the retreat. This is a fantastic game that’s really short and quick. Basically it’s deduction with a speed element that’s easily described as mastermind-lite.

lester, cristiano, leeching and teddy are doing Rat-a-tat-Cat. Our Three-of-a-Crime game went into overtime so did not manage to find out what the other games played like.

Sleeping Queens game going on here with wolfx, wonglc, swee ee, rob and waiyan. Not sure what is going on here as people kept calling out ‘you can’t count!’ amidst laughter. head scratch.

games on display, a taste of things to come.

Game Zero in progress. This one is called Manila. Teddy makes a grab for the goods!

The biggest con of them all, wolfx, demonstrating the art of ‘risk-taking’ in Manila.

me, rob, cristiano and wonglc facing terrible disasters In the Year of the Dragon. We seem to have cristiano at a disadvantage as we had played this game before sometime or another.

The ladies swee ee and li li enjoying Stone Age. The feedback afterwards were positive!

‘He did it!’ lester tries to put the blame on arm… kekeke

Game Two in progress… wolfx says no comment when asked how he plans to win the game of Endeavor. leeching and cristiano seems to be questioning wolfx’s lack of strategy.

Giants being played here.

Homesteaders. This game is serious, I took the Rail Yard but still end up beaten by everyone else. Good job! Btw there are no records being broken in this game. All players pass the IMF test (all loans repaid).

Miniatures from the Giants game. Really high quality components, eye-catching.

A game of Taluva was played by the Endeavor crew as they await the slow number-crunchers at the other tables.

Game Three: swee ee shows aanemesis how to ‘CHOP!’ in a game of Wasabi. Disclaimer: swee ee won the game while aanemesis lost horribly like a fly being crushed by an elephant!

Alhambra. Man these guys are serious.

Priests of Ra. errr… jack208, so how do we play the game???

The score after three rounds of gaming.

Rob emerges victorious and claims his prize!

Teddy emerges… last and gets a consolation prize!

wolfx: Drat! I should have lost all my games and claim a prize too!

Another shot of all the games brought to the retreat.

And us behind the games. See you guys next year!…

Oh wait, all of us stayed back and overnight at Genting. So after dinner at the First World Plaza, we moved on to…. gaming after 8.

Rooting out cylons in Battlestar Galactica with the new Pegasus board.

Building industries in err.. the Age of Industry (game courtesy of blownfreaks)

A newbie game of Le Harve. In the end, the day proved too tiring and the gamers retired after playing a few games. Not pictured here is the crack game of Race for the Galaxy played by veterans rob, aanemesis, wolfx and myself.

Obligatory shot of the city in the clouds – Genting.

Alright, see you guys next year! (or next con, or the keretapi-con, whichever comes first)

(unwatermarked pictures from Wonglc)

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