BGC Meetup 26/2/10 @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras – Dungeon Lords, Agricola Farmers of Moor

Gamers: Henry (rhyen), CK Au (jack208), Heng (ayheng)

Games: Dungeon Lords, Agricola Farmers of Moor

Location: Old Town Kopitiam Cheras Google Map 
Date/Time: 26 February 2010 (Fri) 8.30 PM – 4.00 AM Meetup Report @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras 26/2/2010
by ayheng


Right, so we had a quick gaming session yesterday, quick meaning two games and we ended at 4am.

BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords 

impatient imps waiting to be deployed into dungeons
while rhyen undergoes dungeon lord training
jack208 dropped by at 8.30pm while rhyen reached at 10pm. I did a trial explanation of the Dungeon Lords rules to jack208 and stumbled here and there but by the time I taught it to rhyen, I was going at a rapid clip. 
BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords
one of the training scenarios

The rules explanation was easier than I thought but it was helped no doubt by jack208 and rhyen’s fascination with the puzzle-solving aspect of the training scenarios. I think casual gamers might be turned off immediately with the training. However it is of paramount importance as I observed that in all four training missions, jack208 and rhyen had numerous questions, either one of which could turned out to be game breakers if went unexplained. 

BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords
Explaining Dungeon Lords 
BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords
jack208’s starting dungeon  
BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords
imps mining and working the dungeon rooms  
BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords
invading adventurers

So what did we think of this game? I thought it was fantastic, it went at a fast pace and there were only twelve actions to be taken before the adventurers start pillaging through your dungeon. The actions selection was less crowded than anticipated and the game wasn’t as tough as some claimed. 

BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords
individual dungeon lords action selection 
BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords
The main game action selection board  
BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords
one of the monsters for hire. the kiddy artwork is misleading, the game IS complicated.

Of course there’s a caveat that we did two rules wrong, one was that we did not paid the monster’s hiring costs as we thought it applied only on Pay Day. Hence we were quite low on our Evil-o-meter and the Evil Reduction action did not have to be taken often. We also failed to attract the Paladin due to our failure to pay for the monster’s hiring cost with the Evil-o-meter. It could have posted a challenge for us.

BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords
We scored low on the Evil-o-meter

The wizards also got powered down in our game as I thought erroneously that 3 magic points were needed at all times to cast spells. turns out the total magic points needed corresponds to the rounds number eg. Round 1 require 1 magic point, Round 2 require 2 magic points, etc. As it were, we all scored in the 20s. 

BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords
captured adventurers

jack208 and rhyen professed to like this game more than Galaxy Trucker due to the less random nature of the adventurers pillaging step. There’s control over the type of adventurers to attract, the monsters and traps to employ. Overall a thumbs up.  

BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords

BGC Meetup - Dungeon Lords
using jedi mind tricks to find out the next trap card…


Next we did Agricola: Farmers of the Moor. Briefly, this expansion introduced fuel as a additional resource and houses require heating every harvesting phase. The idea is that house expansion will be reined in by this additional requirement. There is also a novel addition where every player’s board has a pre-determined setup of woods and moors. This does much to differentiate each player’s subsequent development. 

BGC Meetup - Agricola Farmers of the Moor
The new initial setup

The new free actions is another novel approach as they are useful enough to warrant obtaining at times but taking it it could mean giving up lucrative first picks of the traditional Agricola actions.

Horses are a mixed bag as they could be high point scorers but have low food value. Personally I did not take any horses in my game so I can’t say its impact on the overall game.

I would give this expansion a thumbs up as well as it introduces new niggles to an old game which felt natural and smooth. There’s more things to take care of and to me can be overwhelming at times. Those Minor Improvements and Occupation cards still give me the analysis paralysis.

In our game, I did the traditional farming of grain and vegetables and trying to combo the fishing space with my minor improvements to net me reed and clays along with the action. The braggart come out last and saved me with my multitude of improvements. I have no idea what jack208 and rhyen did as I had my head full just trying to juggle my own farm.

BGC Meetup - Agricola Farmers of the Moor
my vegetable farming-fu

BGC Meetup - Agricola Farmers of the Moor
jack208’s animal farm  

BGC Meetup - Agricola Farmers of the Moor
rhyen’s stone house strategy


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