An Interview with a Vampire… sorry, Lord of Midnite… oops I mean Boardgameca

An Interview with a Vampire… sorry, Lord of Midnite… oops I mean’s CK Au
by jack208
The first prompt was made months back when Hiew (of the popular Hiew’s Boardgame Blog) asked if I’m interested to answer some questions he has regarding the online boardgaming business, the local market and about organizing boardgame meetups.
Sure, why not? 😛
Hiew promptly sent over a series of questions. There were over 30 questions, I think…. OMG!
Busy-ness then overwhelmed me.. and I kept having to apologize to Hiew for the delay in sending my answers back to him….
Early November found me some time to look at his questions, and boy, they were really probing – but interesting – questions. Took me some time to compose my thoughts & replies to his questions.
After sending over my reply, we decided to meet over the long Deepavali weekend to go thru my answers and for follow-up questions. We’d also planned to do a session of 1960: The Making of a President but that was shelved as we were too engrossed in our interview/discussion and time just flew.
Those questions were really really good ones, and they allowed me to share some of my insights into the past five years of involvement in the local boardgaming market; as a gamer, as a meetup organizer and as an online distributor/retailer.
Here’s the link to Hiew’s awesome interview report; you must not miss this, even if I’ve to say so myself (hehe)!
Thanks Hiew for doing this interview!
Lord of Midnite – CK’s personal blog
An Interview with a Vampire (IMBD)

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