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New OTK Cheras welcomes gamers – 16 Sep 2011

BGC’s new meetup place (also called OTK Cheras) opened its doors to welcome our gamers at 2pm last Friday and they stayed till 8:30 am the following Saturday. Almost 19 hrs of gaming saw the following in action: Modern Art, first play of Eaten by Zombies, The Message, Havoc, Toc Toc Woodman, Samurai, Blokus, Cargo Noir, Warhammer Invasion, Pandemic, Glory to Colorful Rome, Troyes, Havana, 1889 Shikoku Japan and DUNE. Thanks to all who made this happened!


Citadels Edisi Malaysia

What’s Silver, has King, Thief and Assassin in it, and now speaks Bahasa Malaysia? Boardgamecafe.net is setting another marker in the local boardgaming scene by announcing our first Malaysian Edition of a top-selling card game from Fantasy Flight Games!