Our journey in pictures…

Our journey in pictures…
I’d started out meaning to write two articles; one is an About Us page and the other is a summary of activities we’d done for last year (meant for the upcoming newsletter). For the activity summary, I was thinking of using photos to visualize the article.
One thing led to another, and pretty soon I realized I’d written a pictorial journey of’s involvement in the local boardgaming scene since 2005. Oh….
It’s a long article though but if you feel in the mood, here it is. J
  • Year 2005: The Beginning
  • Year 2006: Going Online
  • Year 2007: OTK Cheras & 18xx
  • Year 2008: The Year of Events
  • Year 2009: Same Same
  • Year 2010: Stepping Forward
  • Year 2011: A Brand New Year


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