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This was originally to be posted on 26/11
With Thanksgiving (25/11) just past the corner, we have announced our Black Friday Sale on Facebook last Friday, firstly to say thanks to all our customers for their support & business in the past months and secondly to kick-off the Xmas boardgame shopping season! Yah!
BGC BlackFridaySale2010 on Facebook
Our Black Friday Sale is simple… it’s 25% off our retail price on ALL items in-stock at our webstore! Yes, you read it right… ALL ITEMS even the recent hot titles! For eg Agricola which retails for RM265 will be available for just RM198.75 during our Black Friday Sale! You save RM66.25!
Agricola for under RM200? Yes only during our Black Friday deal!
And to sweeten the deal, if you purchase more than RM500 worth of games from us in this Black Friday Sale, we’ll give you another 5% off our retail price – that makes it 30% discount!! You ain’t going to get this type of discount often so hurry!
Note: The RM500 qualifying line is based on discounted price, not retail price ie your total discounted price (after factoring in the 25%) must be more than RM500 to qualify for 30%.
BGC BlackFridaySale2010
Black Friday Sales will end 12 m/nite on 11 Dec 2010 (Sat). No extension and no exception. 😛 This is the FIRST Black Friday Sale organized by a boardgame webstore in M’sia so hurry up!
And with our After Black Friday Sale of 20% discount which continues from 12 Dec 2010 till 15 Jan 2011, you can get all your Christmas Boardgame Shopping done here at!! For more details on this After Black Friday Sale, refer FAQ #6 below.

Frequently Asked Questions on BGC Black Friday Sale
1. Is the discount based on webstore promo price or retail price?
Answer: It is based on the retail price. Take Agricola for eg. Which retails for RM265 and has a webstore promo price of RM235.  The Black Friday Sale price for Agricola is Rm265 * 0.75 = Rm198.75.
2. Sweet! Can I get even more discount?
Answer: Hmm.. Let’s do it this way. If you buy more than Rm500 worth of games during this Black Friday Sale, we’ll give you another 5% discount for a total 30% discount!! So Agricola is now just Rm185.50!!
Assuming you bought Agricola Rm265, and Le Havre Rm265. Your total retail purchase is Rm530. After discounting 25%, you pay Rm397.50 only. That’s a total savings of Rm132.50.
However if you now add Homesteaders Rm169 to your order, making your total purchase value Rm699 and your normal Black Friday 25% discount would bring it down to Rm524.25. Since your discounted total purchase value is now above Rm500, you qualify for another 5% discount (giving you a total of 30% off retail price). Your new discount total purchase value is now only Rm489.30 (ie Rm699 less 30%) giving you a total savings of Rm209.70!!
3. Can everyone take advantage of this Black Friday Sale?
Answer: Almost yes. The only condition is that you must be a member of our Facebook page (ie you need to LIKE us on Facebook). It doesn’t cost you a single sen to LIKE us on Facebook plus you’ll receive updates of our boardgame meetup events and future sale promotions!
To LIKE us on Facebook, go to
4. When’s the sale period?
Answer: Our Black Friday Sale started on 26th Nov 2010 (Friday) and will end exactly at 12 midnite 11 Dec 2010 (Sat). No exceptions and no extensions. 😛
5. Is your Black Friday Sale applicable to selected items only (eg slow-moving stocks or not-so-good games?) or ALL items in your webstore?
Answer: We are very customer-centric and do not do sale to clear old stocks. J Our Black Friday Sale applies STORE WIDE and to ALL ITEMS in our webstore. However a few fine prints.. Hehe
  • While stock last.
  • It applies to “In Stock” items only. These are webstore items we always keep stock and thus will be able to deliver to customers promptly. At times (eg in sale event like this), we can temporarily run out of stock for these items. In some instance, we can still offer the discount to the customers provided they are happy to wait for our restock to arrive.
  • New arrivals ie. items we’ve ordered and are on their way being shipped here are marked “In Stock (Dec 2010)” (or some other month/year). Black Friday Sale does not generally apply to these items but we’ve offered a special opportunity for you to get a 20% discount on these new arrivals (see next question).
  • Items marked “Out of Stock” or “Out of Print” will not be included in the Black Friday Sale. Well, we don’t have stock for these items so how to sell ler? 😛
 6. I am also interested in some of the New Arrivals eg items marked as “In Stock (Dec 2010)”. How can I get discount on these items?
Answer: Good news to you! Since those new arrivals are not going to arrive on-time for Black Friday Sale (which ends 11 Dec), we’ve decided to have an “After Black Friday Sale” which offers a 20% discount on Dec 2010 New Arrivals only. To qualify for this “After Black Friday Sale”, you need to make a Black Friday purchase of RM500 and above.
Click here to see the hot list of Dec 2010 New Arrivals.
7. Are you sure there’s NO GAME excluded from your Black Friday Sale?
Answer: Ah yes.. there’s one.. The hot-off-the-press Civilization (Sid Meier) from FFG. As we are fast-shipping this game in (expected arrival in the week of 6th Dec), unfortunately this is then a No-Discount game and won’t qualify for Black Friday Sale. It’ll retail for Rm215. But the rest of the games in our webstore are all available for Black Friday Sale including the popular ones like Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, Agricola, Power Grid, Le Havre, Ticket to Ride, etc.
8. Where can I see a complete list of boardgames available in your webstore?
Answer: You can go to the Webstore Listing page for a listing of all boardgames in our webstore. We’ve a total of 9 pages and will be continuously updating these pages to reflect new items added to our webstore.
Or feel free to browse and search from our webstore
9. How do I order?
Answer: You can order your Black Friday games either by i) submitting an online order thru our webstore, or ii) email us with your order list.
10. How do I pay?
Answer: Three ways – i) bank deposit to our CIMB account, ii) cash if we COD at OTK Cheras, or iii) Paypal.
  • For COD, we normally have COD at OTK Cheras (where we hold our weeklymeetups). We also meet customers occasionally on Saturday afternoon @ Amcorp Mall (requires pre-arrangement).
  • We’ve just implemented Paypal as a payment option for our webstore. Full integration with webstore will be available soon but in the meantime if you wish to pay using Paypal (which accepts credit cards) pls inform us and we’ll send a Paypal Payment Request to you. Do note Paypal option has a 3% surcharge but it gives you the convenience of paying by credit card.
11. Can I order now, you keep the games for me and I pay you later?
Answer: Nope. 😛 You may however send us your order/wish list and we can keep aside the games for you but we won’t reserve the games for you until after payment. This is to be fair to other customers since the sale is on While Stocks Last basis. Therefore if someone else wants the last copy of a game you’ve requested (but not paid) we’ll have to sell that to him.
The only way for us to reserve the games for you (but we can ship them out or you can come pick-up later) is for you to pay upfront for the order.
12. How will the games be sent to me?
Answer: You can either i) have the games shipped to you (next day delivery for anywhere in M’sia) or ii) collect them at OTK Cheras or Amcorp Mall.
We normally carry a free shipping policy for orders above RM100, however during sale we will charge for shipping (but at cost) as the heavy discounts won’t allow us to cover for the shipping cost. We hope to have your understanding on this.
With the prompt and reliable services offered by the courier/despatch companies – we use Poslaju or Citylink – there’s really no reason now for you to have to drive/park/walk to get your games!
13. I like the big discounts given in this Black Friday Sale. When are you doing the next one?
Answer: Uhm… next year Black Friday (ie 26/11/2011)? We are the first boardgame store to start off a Black Friday Sale locally and you bet we’ll continue to keep this tradition yearly for your enjoyment!
Note: Strange the FAQs ended at #13 for something related to Black Friday. hehe

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