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BGC in Terry Fox Run 2010

by jack208

Event: Terry Fox Run KL
Venue: Taman Tasik Titiwangsa
Date: 7 Nov 2010, 8:45 am
There was a poignant moment before the run was flagged off when the CEO of CARIF, a local non-profit organization dedicated to the research of a cure for cancer, went up to the stage and asked those who know someone who has been affected by cancer to raise their hands… There were thousands of people gathered at the padang in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and I think you can see a hand from almost everyone.
Take a moment to digest that. That’s how pervasive cancer is, sadly.
        Dr Teo of CARIF
Thirty years ago, a Canadian diagnosed with cancer and with one of his legs amputated, decided to embark on a cross-Canada run to raise money and awareness for cancer research. He ran a full marathon (that’s 42.195 km to those counting) every day and so began the Marathon of Hope.
Picture © Frostbite, CA
Today the Terry Fox Run is a non-competitive charity event held annually worldwide. It’s an informal run, where your participation is more important than completing the distance, where everyone can run, walk, ride or wheel.
There’s always a famous local celebrity emceeing KL’s Terry Fox Run. This year’s no difference and they had Chermaine Poo (what, you mean you dun know her?) who’s not only pretty but knows something about numbers too as she’s a Chartered Accountant by training.
Picture © PM Tey
She certainly had the crowd’s attention and did a fantastic job getting everyone ready-to-go!
Picture © Pueh-Tian Lim (
For more pictures of Chermaine, pls check out PM Tey’s Facebook albums. I’ve stopped counting how many pictures of her were in his photo album. LOL.
We took part in this run last year but as individual runners. This year, we thought of getting as part of our social responsibility to contribute towards this charity event by sponsoring their t-shirts.
At last year’s Terry Fox Run
In return for our sponsorship, we get to have our name imprinted on the sleeves of the t-shirts. Cool!
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
Here are some pics of other boardgamers and runner friends who took part in this event and supported’s contributions…
Chia Kai (right-most) who’s just back from Greece (marathon) actually happens to be Hiew’s (aka Hecose) cousin. Small world indeed! Oh.. you can also buy Small World the Boardgame here (hehe)
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
AyHeng, regular OTK kaki and his wife Li Li waking up early to come and support the event! Interestingly President Roslin – of their fave Battlestar Galactica boardgame – was a cancer victim. Wait.. she’s a CYLON!
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
C_mun with her King Henry, King Richard and Princess Samantha! 😛
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
King Richard who ran and ran and ran and ran… so much that he went out of juice later and kept wanting to lie down and tidur!! Hehe. Poor waiyan was the one chaperoning him..
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
C_mun’s fren… oops we forgot to take any picture of Cheng Yee, a good fren of ours whom we’ve not been catching up with regularly since our Angkor ’08 trip. Ian Tan is missing btw!!
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
This is what jack208 does when he’s not boardgaming….
Whether you walk, you run, you cycle, you wheel or you ride…. we all need to start somewhere.
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
Running – similar to boardgames (we hope) – unites all people regardless of race, profession and age.
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
The family that runs – and play boardgames – together, stays together.
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
Hope gives us the power to step out and try… well said, kiddo! Butwaitaminute kiddo… how come you wear this t-shirt? Never buy official t-shirt ar? Next year must buy okie?  😛
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
This year is a landmark 30 Years for Terry Fox Run, and their t-shirt design this year is really cool. What? You didn’t buy their t-shirt?
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
HOPE gives us the belief that we will finish this together… I like this shot very much. Good one, Lai Wah!
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
We were actually not informed that our contributions would enable us to see’s name in print on the Contributor’s List board so it was a rather nice surprise for us when we saw BGC’s name in the list!
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
It’s good to have your company name starting with A or B. 😛
Next year however we’ll get a bit more organized for such events and will come prepared with walking banners like this Starbucks group. 🙂
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
Hmm.. I think if she become ambassador, we’ll see a super increase in new boardgamers!! What you think ar? 😛
Photos to Remember
Here’s some pictures taken by Lai Wah for your enjoyment!
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
Starting them young…
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
ET Phone Home?
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
Round and round they go… the blue t-shirts
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
Not just wheels… but wheels-with-style!
BGC Terry Fox Run 2010
Wonder where we can get this? Your own custom trailer, powered by Daddy-Two-Legs!!
Check out the rest of the photos of this event at our Facebook Album.
All photos in our Facebook album taken by Lai Wah.
And a special mention for the two “celebrity” in the local running circuit – PM Tey and Pueh Tian – whom have done much to spread the love of running everywhere they go!
PM Tey (left) and Pueh Tian lending their support to this event.
Last but not least, will like to say thank you from the bottom of our heart to all those who have contributed to the Terry Fox Run in all forms and kinds. We’ll be back for this again next year and we look forward to your wonderful support then!
Terry Fox Foundation (click here)
CARIF Malaysia (click here)
Other Links
Pueh Tian’s blog entry (click here)
PM Tey’s Multiply Album (click here)  – note: you need to add Tey as friend in Multiply Terry Fox Run blog (click here)
Chermaine Poo website (click here)

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