Settlers of Catan 2011 Qualifier #4 @ FND Mindspot

By jack208

Two Catan Qualifiers this week; first was SS15 MEEPLES (read sessrep) and the second was at Taman Tun Dr Ismail’s fun centre FND Mindspot. Check out who’s the finalist from TTDI.
A Quiet Qualifier…
Mindspot is a game & fun center located in TTDI and Effendy has been doing great stuff here. In fact, BoardgameKids will be working together with Mindspot to organize the children games demo at MAGACON. Exciting times ahead and looking forward to work with Mindspot’s Giant sets!
The Qualifier dates do come at an inconvenient time for Effendy as I understand he has been away (or rather in-and-out between KL and S’pore) for the past few weeks and didn’t have enough time to organize this. I’m happy he managed to organize a table of four participants for us so that we can at least get his centre going in terms of hosting this – and future – BGC events.
BGC Settlers of Catan 2011 - Qualifier #4
The four inaugural competitive Euro boardgame participants from Mindspot but I’m sure there’ll be more to come once BGC starts organizing competitions there on a more regular basis. J
BGC Settlers of Catan 2011 - Qualifier #4
The finalist from Mindspot’s qualifier is Jonathan Soo (yeah, we OTKer know him as he sometimes drop into OTK Cheras for gaming). Congrats, Jonathan and see you at the MAGACONS Final.
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If you miss this weekend’s qualifiers, we’ll be at Mage Cafe (Damansara Jaya) and Comics Mart (Midvalley) next weekend
– Mage Cafe (Damansara Jaya) on Saturday, Dec 10th, 2.00 pm onwards (link to event invite), and
– Comics Mart (Midvalley) on Sunday, Dec 11th, 2:00 pm onwards (link to event invite)
See ya!
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