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Julian Wong

Why Terraforming Mars: Turmoil is my favourite expansion in the entire series

Turmoil is the Terraforming Mars expansion that introduces something actually fresh into the mix: a solid dose of reality in the form of global events that can mess up your best-laid plans. In all fairness, these global events can also bring some lucrative windfall benefits – that is IF you’ve planned for it and taken stock of the unfolding situation. Keep an eye on the unfolding political upheavals taking place within the Terraforming Committee and position your delegates carefully and accordingly to welcome any winds of change that are inevitably coming.

An obsession for Obsession

If ever there is a prize for a board game that best marries mechanics and theme so eloquently and elegantly, Obsession 2nd Edition would have to be a serious contender. Dan Hallagan’s first board game design about love and courtship in Victorian England is itself a true labour of love.