Tag: Cash-n-Guns

OTK Meetup 21/6/2013 – Shadows over Camelot, Evo, Risk 2210AD, Love Letter, King of Tokyo, Cash n Guns, Suburbia

Back to theme nites, this time we do the Co-operative (COOP) theme with two coop games SHADOWS OVER CAMELOT and VIVAJAVA (didn’t hit the table though). Other games in play were RISK 2210 AD, EVO, LOVE LETTER, KING OF TOKYO, CASH N GUNS and SUBURBIA.

OTK Meetup 14/6/2013 – Pack & Stack, Cowabunga, Libertalia, Cash n Guns, Fusion, Pigz Up, Kingdom Builder

Following two hectic Fridays of Mori & Feld, we decided on a change of pace as we went thru a nite of lighter (but no less fun) gaming tonight with Pack & Stack, Cowabunga, Fusion, Pigz Up, Cash n Guns, Libertalia and Kingdom Builder. Well, Kingdom Builder’s not exactly light-n-easy but that’s OTK for you! 🙂