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OTK Meetup 4/10/2013 – Hansa Teutonica, Ticket to Ride, Kemet, Le Petit Prince, Robinson Crusoe

We took the downtime (stock arrivals) to test out a few newer games but also some older faves like HANSA TEUTONICA and TICKET TO RIDE. KEMET, LE PETIT PRINCE and ROBINSON CRUSOE also saw some actions. Find out what’s the buzz about Robinson Crusoe.


OTK Meetup 4/3/11 – Power Grid Germany, Hansa Teutonica, Bang!, K2, Ascension, Glen More, Long Shot, Caylus, Le Havre, Vinhos

With the Power Grid Tournament a week away, you can bet to see Power Grid in play with Hansa Teutonica also make a reappearance. We have two tables for R2 with Le Havre & Vinhos, an economic game about the Portuguese wine trading business. OTK also has the distinction of hosting three gamers from Europe for our R2; a Spanish, an Italian and a Hungarian!