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OTK Meetup 5/9/2014–Granja Farming

We’ve not been doing theme nights for awhile at OTK so we thought of going back to themes for this Friday. And one theme we’ve not done is FARMING. AGRICOLA likely comes to your mind first, however since most gamers would have been acquainted with that game, we thought of bringing out some lesser known “farm” theme games. Let’s walk thru OTK’s Farming Night and see why Ganja farms best for four. 😛

OTK Meetup 2/11/2012 – Essen Play Week 2

While CO2 remained the highlight of the evening, lest we forgot there were nine other games (mostly card games) in-play at OTK also. We also did a 2nd visit to The Great Zimbabwe and are continued to be awed by the depth of its gameplay.