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New OTK Cheras welcomes gamers – 16 Sep 2011

BGC’s new meetup place (also called OTK Cheras) opened its doors to welcome our gamers at 2pm last Friday and they stayed till 8:30 am the following Saturday. Almost 19 hrs of gaming saw the following in action: Modern Art, first play of Eaten by Zombies, The Message, Havoc, Toc Toc Woodman, Samurai, Blokus, Cargo Noir, Warhammer Invasion, Pandemic, Glory to Colorful Rome, Troyes, Havana, 1889 Shikoku Japan and DUNE. Thanks to all who made this happened!


Jack208 Boardgame Library – The "B" list

A shorter list than the previous “A” list, the popular games in this list have to be Bang, Battlestar Galactica, Bohnanza and my personal fave of the list BRASS. For those with poor memory, you might want to take a look at Busen Memo. Hehe.

BGC Meetup 19/1/07 @ OTK Cheras – Coloretto, Blokus, Caylus, Puerto Rico, 1856

A solid gaming Friday starting at 8pm and ending at 4.30 am saw us played Coloretto, Blokus, Caylus, Puerto Rico and 1856 where four gamers witnessed the inaugural formation of the CGR (1856) for the 1st time in M’sia!