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OTK Meetup 9/8/2013 – Kickstarter Nite #1

Extending last week’s ARTIPIA Meetup into our KICKSTARTER NITE #1 as we aim to get more kickstarter games onto the table. Which we did. GLORY TO ROME, ALIEN FRONTIERS, MARS NEED MECHANICS and GET BIT were showcased. And 18 other non-kickstarter games including two heavies in POWER GRID BRAZIL and 18TN TENNESSEE & KENTUCKY.


OTK Meetup 14/6/2013 – Pack & Stack, Cowabunga, Libertalia, Cash n Guns, Fusion, Pigz Up, Kingdom Builder

Following two hectic Fridays of Mori & Feld, we decided on a change of pace as we went thru a nite of lighter (but no less fun) gaming tonight with Pack & Stack, Cowabunga, Fusion, Pigz Up, Cash n Guns, Libertalia and Kingdom Builder. Well, Kingdom Builder’s not exactly light-n-easy but that’s OTK for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

OTK Meetup 31/5/2013 – Set, Libertalia, Vasco da Gama, Rialto, Kingdom Builder, Gangster

Regular sessrep update re-established (hopefully). This was Paolo Mori’s night with his LIBERTALIA and VASCO DA GAMA getting play time. Stefan’s latest RIALTO and Mayfair’s fun GANGSTER were also in session.


OTK Meetup 17/5/2013 – Ticket to Ride Marklin, Copycat, Shadow Hunters, Tiki Topple, Tuk Tuk Woodman, Kingdom Builder, Indigo

COPYCAT for the 2nd week and last year’s SDJ winner KINGDOM BUILDER on the table. Some old but good games resurfaced ie TICKET TO RIDE MARKLIN, SHADOW HUNTERS and TIKI TOPPLE. And a look at Knizia’s INDIGO.