OTK Meetup 17/5/2013 – Ticket to Ride Marklin, Copycat, Shadow Hunters, Tiki Topple, Tuk Tuk Woodman, Kingdom Builder, Indigo Meetup Report @ OTK Cheras 17/5/2013 – Ticket to Ride Marklin, Agricola, Copycat, Tiki Topple, Tok Tok Woodman, Shadow Hunters, Kingdom Builder, Indigo
By jack208

COPYCAT for the 2nd week and last year’s SDJ winner KINGDOM BUILDER on the table. Some old but good games resurfaced ie TICKET TO RIDE MARKLIN, SHADOW HUNTERS and TIKI TOPPLE. And a look at Knizia’s INDIGO.

Gamers: Ivan, Sinbad, Kareem, Heng, Waiyan, CK Au and others.

Games:  Copycat, Ticket to Ride Marklin, Tiki Topple, Shadow Hunters, Tok Tok Woodman, Shadow Hunters, Kingdom Builder, Indigo, Agricola

Location: OTK Cheras | Google Map | Lat-Long: N 03° 06.179′ E 101° 44.237′
Date/Time: 17 May 2013 (Fri) 8.30 PM – (Sat) 2:00 AM


The last time I checked, there must have been more than 10 maps for this venerable but ever popular boardgame from Alan Moon.

The original USA map of Ticket to Ride was one of those few games that got us started way back in 2005. We didn’t really get into Europe, Marklin and the other expansion maps as there were lots of other games to keep us distracted.

130517 BGC OTK Meetup

It’s always good to see Ticket to Ride getting some plays on the OTK tables.. more so when it’s the rarer TTR Marklin; set in Germany and with added passengers feature.

130517 BGC OTK Meetup

130517 BGC OTK Meetup

We didn’t really did get into the “passenger complexity” of Marklin coz at the time TTR Marklin was released, there was another train game that feature pick up and delivery of goods and implemented much better. That game is Railroad Tycoons (now republished as Railways of the World).

If you have not played Railways of the World before – and quite like the mechanics of TTR Marklin – do check it out. You might just stumble into another train game you enjoy!

BGC Meetup - Railroad Tycoon

(Above) Pictures from the Railroad Tycoon boardgame

The latest maps for Ticket to Ride in case you like to know is Expansion Map #3 featuring the mysterious Africa! We do have all the TTR maps available in OTK Cheras in case you want to try them out before buying.

To see all the Ticket to Ride games and maps in our webstore, click the link below

Btw the Marklin gamers started on Agricola after their TTR Marklin session completed. Not sure if they did a full game of Agricola. If not – and if they needed some help with the instructions – peeps, drop by next time and look for me (CK) and I’ll walk you thru the Agricola rules. J

130517 BGC OTK Meetup


This was the 2nd week when we put COPYCAT to the table. A game that mirrors the mechanic of Dominion, Through the Ages, Agricola and Puerto Rico? And it blends them pretty well I have to say.

130517 BGC OTK Meetup

A full sessrep comes later. For now some pics for you to enjoy. J

130517 BGC OTK Meetup


130517 BGC OTK Meetup

Waiyan was busy paying host to a group of gamers who started off with SHADOW HUNTERS

130517 BGC OTK Meetup

… then moved on to the hilarious TUK TUK WOODMAN, a light party game from a Korean designer.

130517 BGC OTK Meetup

Before rounding up the evening with TIKI TOPPLE.

130517 BGC OTK Meetup


Last year’s SDJ winner. Abstract, easy to learn and fun to play. And easily expandable. Queen Games certainly have a winner on their hands in KINGDOM BUILDER.

130517 BGC OTK Meetup

Last year while we were at Essen, Queen put up a BIG SHOW around Kingdom Builder. Easily the largest demo area with lots of Kingdom Builder playsets for Spiel gamers to immerse themselves.

130517 BGC OTK Meetup

Surely you are not surprised to know that they already have two expansions – Nomad (released last year) and Crossroads (just released this year).

They are also planning a Big Box edition to be released during Essen 2013.


130517 BGC OTK Meetup

And while we are on the abstract games theme, INDIGO fits perfectly into our agenda. Been awhile since Knizia released some new games – his older games IMHO are still tops – but Indigo has been getting the award recommendations last year, so the man’s still got his touch. J

130517 BGC OTK Meetup

In this game, each player gets to lay a tile that’ll form a connected path on the board to ferry one of the gems – ideally to an exit point that’s control by you. There’s a semi-coop element since there’ll always be two players controlling an exit point hence all gems sent to that exit point will be shared by both players (assuming you are playing a 4-player game).

130517 BGC OTK Meetup

Four player. 3 minutes to learn. Abstract. Fun. Can be evil. Plays under 30 minutes. Am sure this is one game that’ll fit waiyan’s Boardgamekids group very well.

130517 BGC OTK Meetup

Abstract game done right.

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