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OTK Meetup 15/10/2010 – Hansa Teutonica, Zooloretto, Citadels, End of the Triumvirate

Hiew’s back with his Hansa Teutonica while we also did some lighter games like Zooloretto, Citadels (making a long comeback) and The End of the Triumvirate. Find out how which games you can use to accommodate a playing group as large as 7 players and then as small as 3 players. Also find out why OLD is the new NEW. 🙂

BGC OTK Meetup Report 3/9/10 – F.I.T.S., Through the Desert, Through the Ages, Caylus Premium Limited Edition, Princes of Machu Pichu

An Engineer’s nite, this is nite is. As newcomer Eunice asked what all our occupations were, we answered: me – Electrical & Electronic Engineer, jack208 – Software Engineer, Lester – IT pseudo-Engineer, Eunice – Mechanical Engineer (And then later Cristiano, the Software Engineer joined us). I think it […]

BGC Meetup 27/8/10 – King of Siam, Automobile, Dungeon Lords, Cyclades, Innovation, Caylus

A great Friday which saw OTK back to its 7am best! With more than 10 gamers, we saw some of the hottest games in play – Automobile (courtesy of Hiew), Innovation (thnks to Kareem), and a 5p Cyclades. Today was also the graduation of four more OTK-trained Dungeon Masters as 2 gents and 2 ladies are now new Dungeon Lords… and finally we close the evening with a game of Caylus that ended our meetup at 7 am.