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Announcing’s Birthday Promo!

… or how to get a FREE game on your birthday!

UPDATE: Our Birthday Promo is now reimplemented as the BGC Insider Birthday Promo.

We first mentioned something about a Birthday promo on Dec 28th last year on our Facebook wall, and have since …  ahem, gone quiet. Some of you must have thought we’d chickened out! Tsk tsk.. shame on you.

We had some issues with the logistics of tracking birthdays and what-not so had to delay our official announcement on this until we’d completed all our upgrades. Now that we’ve (or almost done), it’s time for us to unveil this special promo to everyone.

(c) War on Terror boardgame

1. This promotion is open to ALL online registered members of To qualify for this promotion, you need to be registered as a member of community (hereinafter known as “BGC Registered Member”) at

Registration is free and open to customers & non-customers of

2. If you are already a BGC Registered Member, you will need to update your profile with your day/month of birth. To do this, please follow the instructions in this thread.

This step is important as it allow us to track whom to send promo emails to. If your birthday is not in our calendar, you won’t get the birthday promo email and you will miss the discount offer.

NOTE: When updating your birthdate, the day & month are required input. However we would advise you to leave the birth year empty. This is to avoid disclosing your full date of birth and helps to prevent online identity theft.

3. The birthday discount apply as follows:

  • For non-customer (ie you have not purchased from before this) or inactive customer (ie you have not make any purchase from in the past 6 months), a 20% birthday discount on a single game;
  • For active customers (qualifying purchase is at least one purchase over RM100 in the past 6 months), a 35% birthday discount on a single game;
  • For VVIP customers, a 50% discount on a single game and further 30% discount on two more games;
  • For active BGC Evangelists, a FREE game of your choice! 😛

4. All in-stock games including latest arrivals are available for Birthday Promo purchases, except for the following:

  • Big box games costing MSRP RM300 and above (USD retail $80),
  • Hot titles marked as “No discount”
  • Game titles not in stock

5. No FREE shipping on the b’day promo purchase(s). However if you are bundling together with other purchases, then normal free shipping criteria if valid will apply.

6. Our birthday vouchers are sent out in the last week of the month preceeding the birthday month (except for Jan/Feb – see below). For latecomers (ie members who registered to our portal after the b’day voucher is sent out), we’ll still process your b’day voucher individually (but expect some delay).

7. Birthday vouchers are normally valid until 15th of the month following your birthday.

8.To claim your birthday vouchers, you need to submit a web order through our webstore ( and enter the voucher code during check out.

NOTE: We are still in testing stage on the webstore for steps #6 to #8, but in order not to delay the implementation of our Birthday Promotion, we are applying the workaround below:

1. If you are submitting your Birthday Promo order via our webstore, simply include in the Comments box which game you wish to apply your birthday discount on and we shall update your order accordingly.

2. If you are submitting your Birthday Promo order via phone or email, simply let your contact person know which game to apply your birthday discount on.


Don’t worry, you are not left out. Hurry and complete step #2 (above) by 11th February 2011 (Fri) if you have not done so. We’ll be sending out your promo discount code to you on the 13th February.

You have until 15th March to use your birthday voucher (in which our Feb/Mar New Arrivals would have landed just in time for your b’day orders!)


1. I’m not yet your customer but if I add an additional game together with my birthday order, would that make me a customer and allow me to get 35% discount for my birthday buy?

Answer: No, you need to be our “active customer” before your birthday month. However to be fair to the Jan & Feb 2011 birthday gamers, we’ll allow an exception for them in this case.

2. If I forgot to update my birthday into my BGC Member profile and the promo for my birthday month is past, can I now update my birthday and claim back my birthday discount?

Answer: Sorry, this won’t work. You need to have your birthday entered into our system BEFORE the current birthday month promo is over. We do allow some “late” entries but that’s assuming it’s not BEFORE the end of the current birthday month. For eg for February birthdays, your birthday must be updated before the last week of February else it’ll be too late for us to process your promo and you’ll need to wait for your next birthday. :S

3. What if I did not receive any birthday promo email from you after I’d updated my birthday?

Answer: Firstly check your Spam Mail folder to see if our promo email was sent there. If not, send an email to and we’ll rectify this error.

4. How do I know if I’m a VVIP customer? 😛

Answer: If you have to ask, you probably aren’t. LOL. Jokes aside, we would have sent out a VVIP birthday promo to you separately. Briefly a VVIP customer is one who orders from us regularly and in large quantity. The VVIP customers will know who they are. 😛

5. I like FREE game for my birthday. How can I be a BGC Evangelist?

Answer: At this moment we’ve not firmed up our BGC Evangelist programme – but some of you already qualified as evangelist by nature of the support you offered us (Kareem, pls stand up). We’ll post the BGC Evangelist programme when it’s ready. For now, consider a BGC Evangelist as someone appointed by us.

6. If I cannot find a game to buy or do not wish to buy now, can I keep my birthday voucher after the expiry date?

Answer: Strictly no. If the voucher is not used by expiry date, it’ll simply lapsed.

7. Is the discount applied on your webstore price or retail price?

Answer: All discounts are applied on our retail price.

If you have any question that’s not answered by the FAQs above, feel free to post it to this thread. We are also happy to hear your suggestion if any.

A belated Happy Birthday to all January babies, and a Happy Birthday to all coming February babies!

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  1. Hm I’ve bought stuff through the webstore before but don’t have an account with the community, does this mean my previous purchases don’t count towards the discount?


    • Hi Clement, we’ve not yet send out the voucher. We’ll also be going thru our past invoices to confirm your purchase. I presume you bought under Clement Ting? If yes, we’ll definitely upgrade you to BGC Member. 😛


      • Yeap. That’s me =) The guy that bought with Khoo Yit Meng. hehe… hope to get the voucher soon cos i wanna get something else by hopefully next week before new year ends >.<


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