New Arrival

Feb’11 New Arrivals & Restock List


We’d a quick pitstop in FEB mainly to pull in BANG (as we were completely out of this game!) This batch was to have arrived pre-Chinese New Year but delays on the ship resulted in an arrival only last Saturday. 😦

The hottest game of the moment Dominant Species have also arrived but with all our stock pre-booked even before they landed, we have zilch available to sell now. GMT has just reprinted this so you can expect we’ll be pulling in another restock soon.

Note: These games are ALL available to our Jan & Feb Birthday Gamers! See this post for our BGCΒ B’day Promo.

To book any of these titles, pls call or send us an email. Or submit an order via our webstore.


Some of the popular games we’ve restocked….

Stay tune for our MARCH arrival which will include Glen More, Navegador, Princes of Florence, Defenders of the Realm, Railways of Western US, Roll through the Ages, I’m the Boss (reprint), Rattus, The Speicherstadt, Agricola Gamers Deck, Agricola Goodies, De VulgariΒ Eloquentia, Earth Reborn, Factory Fun, Hansa TeutonicaΒ (restock) + Expansion, Merchants & Marauders, Merchants of the Middle Ages, Mines of Zavandor, Formula D Expansion 3 (Singapore), BattlestarΒ Galactica Exodus Expansion, Power Grid Russia/Japan map, etc.

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