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I signed up for the BoardGameGeek 2023 2-player game design competition, submitting Beethoven vs Newton, a pure 2-player game I have been working on since August 2021, about one and a half years now. This is a microgame which uses only 18 cards. Every card is a famous scientist or artist. Every personality has a unique scoring method. You compete to assemble a team which scores more points than your opponent. To grow your team, you need to draw cards, but drawing cards is a risk. If you draw a dud, it’s going to doom your team to 0 points. These are all prideful people, and they cannot tolerate any dunce. This is the core design concept in this game – how do you work towards scoring more points while at the same time managing the risk of everything collapsing due to one weak link. 

The competition is strict about art copyrights, so I cannot use anything I download from the internet. I asked younger daughter Chen Rui to do the art for me. Do you recognise these personalities? 

The photos below show the current prototype I am still using for playtesting. 
Da Vinci is an unusual guy. He is both a scientist and an artist. 
Marie Curie and Albert Einstein are from the same era. 
This is how the game looks like in play. 
You only need 18 cards, and maybe 5 tokens for score keeping, so this is easy to self produce. 

Please support my design! 


Beethoven vs Newton game information, including downloadable rulebook and game components: link

Competition details: link

Voting form: link (only BoardGameGeek users can vote)

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