Beethoven vs Newton voting ends soon




Voting for the BoardGameGeek 2023 Two Player Game Design Contest ends at the end of April. My submission is Beethoven vs Newton. The last time I participated in a game design contest on BoardGameGeek it was a 9-card dame design contest. The main restriction was we could only use at most 9 cards. There was no restriction about the number of players, but my submission then – Dancing Queen – happened to be a pure 2-player game. Beethoven vs Newton is a pure 2-player game too. The contest this time allows entries which support more than 2 players, as long as 2 players is a valid player count. I see quite a few entries which support 2 to 4 or 2 to 5 players. In my case I went for a game that is specifically designed for two. 

Beethoven vs Newton is a microgame. You only need 18 cards. Download for free here

After younger daughter Chen Rui drew the cartoon versions of the scientists and artists for me, I had an urge to do funny captains for them all. For example: 
Chopin (thinking) “What a retarded question”


Marie Curie (thinking) “God I’m explaining this for the third time and you still don’t get it. Did you even graduate from primary school? ” 
Schumann (thinking) “What? Never seen handsome before? ” 
I just realised Chen Rui had secretly added Squidward to the background. How did this get past me? 
What caption would you add to these characters? Submission are welcome. They will be considered for the physical game if I get to the publishing stage. 
My playtest copy is still an older version using artwork I Googled. 
Scientists are blue
Game in progress
Beethoven and Newton

Voting period ends 30 Apr 2023. Please come support my game. 

Game details, including links to download the rulebook and game components: link

Contest details: link

Voting form: link (must have a BoardGameGeek user account) 

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