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Puerto Rico back to #1 (yah!)

Puerto Rico is now back to it’s #1 ranking at Boardgamegeek!! Now the only thing left for Alea to do is to roll out a Premium Edition (ala Caylus)…

For those of you who luv this game (as much as me) but don’t get enough play-time, do check out PR-Game ( where you can do PBEM-style turn-based Puerto Rico with ppl worldwide.

PR-Game is turn-based (not online real-time) and I find that useful as I can do my turns during my free time and not have to “dedicate” a couple of hours in order to play. Well, if I can make free a couple of hours, I’d rather do a face-to-face game. 🙂

If you are setting up a game on PR-Game, feel free to invite me (my nick there is “jack208”).

At the moment, I’m at rank #20 (tooting my own horn hehe) and still visible in the Start Page Ranking List… but once I drop one rank, I’ll “disappear” from the Ranking List (haiz).

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