ZOMBIES – Time for some mindless (&dumb) bloodletting…..

ZOMBIES – Time for some mindless (&dumb) bloodletting…..
With OTK Cheras now seeing a stream of new gamers who enjoyed the lighter fares more than the heavy euros, we have been seeing some pretty good selection of light games hitting the OTK tables for the month of January such as Ticket to Ride (both the board and card version), Ubongo, Magical Athlete, Resistance, and Nanuk.
Another game that fits the bill above is Zombies!

The last time we did Zombies at OTK Cheras was in May last year… when we’ve Nelson (the trigger-happy fella) joining us for the zombies hunt!
BGC Meetup - Zombies
One “complaint” against this game is the time it takes to complete a session. With 6-players and the original target of 21 kills, it can sometimes take more than 1.5 hours which is overstaying the game a bit.
BGC Meetup - Zombies
Player Black is either very brave or plain stoopid… he’s literally surrounded by zombie babes.

Game rules may be cast in stone once they are printed, but your game sessions do not have to be. Feel free to experiment with variants to make the game move faster or more streamline. As long as you make the “House Rules” clear during rule explanation, and everyone’s playing to the same set of rules, all’s good.
Waiyan is keen to bring out this game again on our next OTK meetup (Victor, Terry – are you reading this? :P) and I’ve suggested her to read up the “variant” I’ve posted to the BGC forum (click here) which I think will not only speed up the game play but also make it more bloodthirsty…
BGC Meetup - Zombies
The dash for the helipad!

The lower kill target of 15 for 6 players, and the twist to allow players to bid “zombie kills” for control of the helipad location – all these simply means the game now rewards aggressive play.
It’s time to let your hair down… and KILL THOSE ^*$&##^(&) Zombies!!

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