OTK Cheras (Weiqi) Meetup 18/12/10 – Havoc, Imperial Weiqi Meetup Report @ Old Town Kopitiam Cheras 18/12/2010
By jack208
An unexpected call from a regular OTKer Jimmy set us up for this adhoc meetup with the Weiqi gamers. Beside doing a session of Imperial, a game this group is already familiar with, we introduced them to HAVOC, a great poker variant that was very well received. Too bad this game is no longer in print.
Gamers: Jimmy Cheng,  Ang Xian Jun (ang), Chan Hong Guan, Philip Cher, White Dragon and CK Au (jack208)
Games: Imperial 2030, HAVOC
Location: Old Town Kopitiam Cheras | Google Map | GPS: N O3° 6.195° E 101° 44.058°
Date/Time: 18 December 2010 10.00 PM – 3:00 AM (Sat)
Tonight I’d the unexpected pleasure of hosting an adhoc meetup at OTK Cheras for the Weiqi Boardgamers as their usual Saturday night host – Ho – was busy with some other matters. This group of Weiqi players stumbled into Euro boardgaming recently and they’ve since gotten themselves very much ingrained into the hobby.
Obviously having someone among them with the moolah to buy all the necessary boardgames helped… and here they have Ho, who’s more than willing to invest in boardgames having grown his library into 70+ games in less than a year’s time.
This group plays mostly strategy games that have no luck, so the challenge for me was to pick games that appeal to their norm. But then again, maybe not. 😛
I took a few games with me to OTK and in the end, we played HAVOC, a poker-like card game and IMPERIAL 2030 (which the group has played before). Which one do you think went well with this group?
Havoc: The Hundred Years War was a card game released towards the end of 2005 by a company called Sunriver Games. It was immediately very well received. The first print soon sold out and Sunriver did a 2nd print, the quality however was not as good as the 1st print.
The game is now officially out-of-print and last I checked Sunriver Games’ website is not even active. A pity, as I felt this is a good and accessible game to non-gamers.
BGC Meetup - Havoc
This game is a rummy-type of game based on a poker hand but unlike a poker hand of 5 cards, this game goes up to 6 cards. Therefore in addition to a Full House (which is a Three with a Pair), you now get the Big House (a Four with a Pair) that’s ranked higher. Or a 6-of-a-Kind beating the 5-of-a-Kind.
BGC Meetup - Havoc
We’ve the full complement of 6 players for this session; Dennis, Chan, Jimmy, Ang and another fren nicknamed White Dragon (Pak Loong) joining me.
BGC Meetup - Havoc
The game is about collecting poker sets and playing poker hands during each battle (there are ten of them) with the winning hands scoring VPs depending on which battle was fought.
Some battles award points to the top three victors; some like Agincourt is a winner-takes-all fight (ie 8 VPs to the winner, zero to the rest).
BGC Meetup - Havoc
There’s a lot of tension in the game as the players tried to “read” each another to decide if they should follow or hold their hands.
Haven’t played this for a LONG time… and yet it’s still so much fun! Need to remind myself to bring it out to the Friday OTK crowd more often.
I’d initially wanted to intro this group to other 6-player games but they felt IMPERIAL would do great as they do not need to have to learn this game, having played it (actually they played Imperial 2030) before at Ho’s place.
BGC Meetup - Imperial
Setting up the game and I gave them a quick refresher on the differences between Imperial 2030 and Imperial though I tried to play this as close to the Imperial 2030 ruleset to minimize the confusion.
BGC Meetup - Imperial
Germany (black) has been in Jimmy’s control for almost the entire game until it was snatched last-minute by White Dragon, and that turned the game on its head for Jimmy.
BGC Meetup - Imperial
Ang’s forces were hammered by “alliances” (hehe) but I think he did pretty well to come in a close 2nd.
BGC Meetup - Imperial
Can’t remember who won but I think this must be the victory pose for Dennis? 😛
Our session ended around 3:00 am. Me? I was just happy I got to play Havoc again after so long. And here’s the surprising feedback on Havoc vs Imperial. 🙂
Ho Hock Doong AFAIK, they love Imperial 2030, especially Jimmy who is always asking for it but apparently in the above session, HAVOC stole the whole show and they were still talking about it last night!
Yah! One up for Card Games (vs Board)!

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