Back to the Classroom

Back to the Classroom is happy to inform there’s now another new boardgame café opening next week! Calling themselves Classroom Cafe, it’s run by two enterprising young men – CK Chong & Charlie Chung.
We first met them a couple months back to explore opportunities to work together and we are very happy they are now opening the doors to their new boardgame café! Their café appears well-planned and with a fresh stock of games we sent to them a few days earlier, they are all-set to introduce the joy of boardgaming to more people.
Taking on the theme of “classroom” – yea, complete with blackboards! – Classroom Cafe would be opened to the public from 4th of July (Monday) onwards. They are located in the SS15 area (their full address at end of page) and to start with, their operating hours are 8-10 daily, with longer playing hours available during the weekends (but I’m sure once their tables start getting full, their closing hours will go beyond 10 :P)
Note: They also have a rotan which acts as an incentive to hurry those Analysis-Paralysis players along.. Hehehe
Beside boardgames, they have a kitchen fully equipped to serve café food (including pasta and yummy cheese cakes) so you’ll never need to go hungry while playing.
They have already lined up various membership packages including one that’s gamer-friendly but I won’t say much here and would rather you find out more about those packages direct from Classroom itself. J
In conjunction with their grand opening next Saturday (July 9th), will be calling a Sat afternoon meetup there… so feel free to join us in celebrating their opening! There’s free buffer lunch and drinks all day.. and of course, plenty of games for you to play! See details in their invite below.
As a BGC retail café partner, Classroom Cafe will enjoy the same support & exposure we provide to our café partners in terms of events, meetups and game sales & promotions. We also hope to have your support of them as well. J
With Boardgame Depot getting busier, and the new Classroom Cafe on-board plus a great start to Kareem’s Puchong Meetup last Wed, you can expect to see planning more events that run across our network (ala the Power Grid tournament)!
To attend their Grand Opening on the 9th July, RSVP here
We also offering the best coffee, toast and cakes in town! You may order some snacks too while you are playing games with your mates. Having fun in Classroom Café is no longer as dry as it is. It’s always recess time in Classroom Café. 🙂
51A (1st Floor) , Jalan SS15/4
Subang Jaya, 47500 PJ
Telephone: +603 5612 1210
Things been getting very busy lately. We’ve in fact also done a Meet-the-Parents Day promo thru the BoardgameKids setup. Lots of pictures taken…  but here’s a teaser first! 😛
I better hurry along… less than an hour to go before I gotta get to KLIA. J See you all on the 9th of July @ Classroom!

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