BGN Puchong Aug – Oct 2011

BGN Session Report Aug, Sept & October 2011

The Bumper Issue!

Sorry for the months of no show here.. a combination of work, computer HDD crashing and general laziness (hides in corner)  contributed to the lack of updates on this thread. Since I can’t remember most of the stuff that took place already (yikes!), I’m going to do highlights instead. Now that everything’s almost back to normal, the following post should be familiar. 😀

10 AUGUST 2011

Games played:
1. Agricola
2. Airlines Europe
3. Management Material
4. Glory to Rome
5. Dixit
6. Shadows Over Camelot
7. 7 Wonders (& Leaders Expansion)
8. Parade
9. Survive! Escape from Atlantis

August was definitely a packed month! Between the 2 meetups, we probably had almost 40 people pass through. Amazing!

Highlights of the meetup:
1. Teddy, his wife and Alvin joined us for the first time!
2. We had a teens table going, playing Survive and later their fav SoC.
3. An EPIC farming session that spanned 2 hours.
4. Dixit, the cutesy party deduction game with a twist hitting the table.
5. First play of 7 Wonders: Leaders Expansion!

24 AUGUST 2011

Games played:
1. Airlines Europe
2. Tammany Hall
3. Blood Bowl
4. Shadows Over Camelot
5. Lord of Vegas
6. Troyes
7. Ascension

Another packed meetup!

1. Tammany Hall, a brutal area control game hits the table.
2. SoC hitting the table again with the teens.
3. Amanda and co. taking a while to conquer Europe with their airlines!
4. Training game of the ultra hot Troyes!
5. Bloody football being played. 😛


Games played:
1. Lords of Vegas
2. Munchkin Bites!
3. Small World
4. Thunderstone (Epic variant)
5. Troyes

Many thanks to John for bringing and teaching Thunderstone. Pity I haven’t got a chance to try yet.. 😦

1. A 2p teaching game of Troyes – Norman is now hooked on the online version! 😛
2. Teens taking on Small World.
3. Epic Thunderstone was truly… epic.
4. Munchkin Bites! hits the table courtesy of DWolve.
5. Some people still like gambling… hmm…


Games played:
1. Dicetown
2. Eaten by Zombies!
3. Munchkin Bites!
4. Nuns on the Run
5. Hackers
6. Thebes

A night George A. Romero would have been proud of. Zombies, cowboy and nuns!

1. Eaten by Zombies! first play!
2. Dicetown (courtesy of BGC) was a hit. Loved by both groups that played it.
3. Nuns got away. This time. 🙂
4. Hackers although dated (modem?) looked very interesting
5. There’s a lot of dirt. Seriously.

5 OCTOBER 2011

Games played:
1. Snow Tails
2. Magical Athlete
3. Airlines Europe

October was a quite month for BGN, Guess it’s losing steam?

1. Snow tails by Lamont Brothers was really cool.
2. Our homemade slalom was awesome.
3. Magical Athlete has to be the #1 LOL race game.
4. Diversity won Airlines Europe – Ernest had 1 share of everything. That alone deserves victory.
5. Silvia’s first visit to BGN (hopefully not last?)

5 OCTOBER 2011

Games played:
1. Survive! Escape from Atlantis
2. Fresco + Expansions
3. Mines of Zavandor
4. Magical Athlete
5. Summoner Wars
6. 7 Wonders + Leaders Expansion

Deepavali = longer gaming time. :D

1. Amanda brought her younger brother.
2. He liked Survive! & Magical Athlete but MoZ was too boring for him? :P
3. The guys got to try Fresco.
4. John teaches Summoner Wars, it was 2 v 1 as Joel had to leave. DWolve emerged victorious despite having the odds stacked against him!
5. I got to play 7 Wonders: Leaders. It’s not game changing but does enough to freshen things up.

Signin’ off

The Puchong Bully

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