Essen Spiel Essen Spiel 2012 Essen Spiel 2012

ESSEN SPIEL 2012. The boardgame exhibition that pauses every gamer’s October calendar. was there for our first time last year (2012). Find out what did we do on the Day Before the event as we arrived in Essen via Berlin.

Full report here

ESSEN SPIEL 2012 Photos. Over 1,500+ pictures taken over the 4-days of gaming and merry making. Check them all out now!

Do stay tune to our Facebook page for updates as we trawl Essen 2013 for the latest on boardgames.
If you are attending our BGC Retreat 2013 end of November, you can look forward to playtest these Essen new releases during the Retreat!
Essen Pre-order details
coming soon


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Essen Spiel 2013
BGC Retreat 2013

BGC Essen 2012 Sessreps

26/10 BGC Essen SessRep – Samurai Swords
26/10 BGC Essen SessRep – The Great Zimbabwe
26/10 BGC Essen SessRep – Crude Oil
2/11 BGC Essen SessRep – CO2
2/11 BGC Essen SessRep – Week 2
9/11 BGC Essen SessRep – Crude Oil, CO2
9/11 BGC Essen SessRep – 18Ruhr
15/11 BGC Essen SessRep – The Lost Sessions?

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