Sales Promo Black Friday Sale 2013

We are back with our traditional year-end Black Friday Sale!

While the actual Black Friday in the US was on the 29th November, we were busy preparing for our BGC Retreat at Kin Tick. So we chose to do our Black Friday Sale on a different period and given today’s Friday the 13th, it’s the best day to announce our Black Friday Sale! J

What it is?
Our Black Friday Sale is simple… you get 30% discount off our retail price on most in-stock items and you do not have to be a member or anything. Just check out our online webstore – or better still, drop in to our physical store in Cheras – and pick what you want!

Note: Due to the sales activities, we may not be updating the stock status in our webstore and some out of stock items may still be showing as In Stock. Best to email or call us to confirm availability (before you pay).

Our Black Friday Sale started yesterday 13th Dec (Friday the 13th) and shall continue until 12th January (Sun) to allow time for our outstation customers to complete this sales. A number of gamers have already converged on OTK Cheras last night (where we were also hosting our Friday the 13th Friday Meetup) to get early dibs on the games.

What’s excluded?
A few game titles won’t be included in our Black Friday deal (mainly becoz our margin on those are much lower hence we can’t afford the deep discount offered in a Black Friday Sale). They would be the Essen 2013 Preorders (anyway most of them are sold-out by now), and some GMT titles. Please refer to FAQ below for the list of excluded game titles.

Free shipping not applicable to Black Friday deals
Our free delivery/shipping offer does not apply during this Black Friday Sale period. You can either collect the games at OTK Cheras or have us deliver them to you (but shipping charges at-cost apply).

What’s this HOT DEAL?
While our Black Friday Sale is a flat 30% on our instock games, we would like to try something new this year ie Black Friday Hot Deals! What are Hot Deals?

Hot Deals are essentially limited time offer on selected games (or themes) for eg Kingdom Builder at 50% discount with offer period for one day. We’ll announce Hot Deals through our Facebook page (and only thru this medium so if you are interested in Hot Deals, we suggest you LIKE our Facebook page to receive the notification).

We’ll start with the first Hot Deal announcement tomorrow (Sunday). Don’t miss it, the game you wanted to get might just get on our Hot Deals!

How do I buy these Hot Deals?
No other requirements needed. Just call/sms/whatsapp (waiyan +6012 2081780) or email us ( and we’ll follow-up with confirmation.

What about those new arrivals coming in mid January?
We do have a batch of new arrivals coming in mid January such as Train, Terra Mystica, Bioschock, Bora Bora, Amerigo, Trajan, Nations, Prosperity, Spyrium, Compounded, Phantom Society, Amerigo, Dark Darker Darkest, Via Appia, Templar, etc (and possibly Z-man titles) but since they are not yet in stock, they are not available for our Black Friday Sale now.

Note: These new arrivals are valid for the BGC Retreat participants to apply your 40% discount and you’ll be given priority booking if you reserve your copy with us now. J

We understand you might want to get some of these new arrivals (and restocks) with our Black Friday promo. We have a special “After Black Friday Sale” offer for you -> get 25% discount for our January New Arrivals & Restock.

1. Buy more than RM500 (based on discounted price, excluding Hot Deals) in our Black Friday Sale to qualify

2. Reserve your copy with us (email or call) since we’ll have limited copies for this After Black Friday Sale offer (reservation is on first-come first-served basis). We suggest you call or sms or whatsapp us rather than email.

3. Pay for your reserved copy to commit it. You may pay using bank transfer (CIMB) or Paypal.

4. We’ll advise you when the games have arrived for your pickup.

Share the good news and you get another 5%!

Lastly if you wish to share or tweet about our Black Friday Sale by sharing this blog page before Xmas, we’ll give you another 5% for the “After Black Friday Sale” for a total of 30% on the January New Arrivals & Restock! That’s the same discount you enjoy in the main Black Friday Sale!! To claim this extra 5%, you gotta show us your share/tweet.

If you are twitting, feel free to use the hashtag – #bgcbfs2013

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on BGC Black Friday Sale

1. What are the list of game titles excluded from this sale?

– Lewis & Clark
– Suburbia & Suburbia Inc
– Artifact, Packet Row
– Origin, Expedition Northwest, Cappuccino, Corto
– Romelo n Remo
– Caverna, Bremerhaven
– Concordia
– Tash-Kalar, Tzolkin XP, Dungeon Petz XP
– GMT titles like Andean Abyss, Here I Stand, Virgin Queen, Asia Engulfed, Paths of Glory

2. Is the discount based on webstore promo price or retail price?

It is based on the retail price. Take Agricola for eg. Which retails for RM235 and has a webstore promo price of RM235.  The Black Friday Sale price for Agricola is Rm235 * 0.7 = Rm164.50.

3. Will be there further discount if I buy in volumes?

Unfortunately we are already deep discounting on this sale so won’t be able to offer any further discount even with volume purchases. However if you buy more than RM500 (discounted price) in this sale period, you will be entitled to pick up games from our new January arrivals at 25-30% discount!

4. Can everyone take advantage of this Black Friday Sale?

Almost yes. The only condition is that you LIKE us on our Facebook page. It doesn’t cost you a single sen to LIKE us on Facebook plus you’ll receive updates of our boardgame meetup events and future sale promotions!

To LIKE us on Facebook, go to

5. When’s the sale period?

Our Black Friday Sale started on 13th December 2013 (Friday) and will end exactly at midnite 12 January 2014 (Sun).

6. Is your Black Friday Sale applicable to selected items only (eg slow-moving stocks or not-so-good games?) or ALL items in your webstore?

We are very customer-centric and do not do sale to clear old stocks. Our Black Friday Sale applies STORE WIDE to most items in our webstore. Please see FAQ #1 for a list of excluded game titles.

However there are a few small prints… hehe

  • While stock last.
  • It applies to “In Stock” items only. These are webstore items we always keep stock and thus will be able to deliver to customers promptly. At times (eg in sale event like this), we can temporarily run out of stock for these items. In some instance, we can still offer the discount to the customers provided they are happy to wait for our restock to arrive.
  • New arrivals ie. items we’ve ordered and are on their way being shipped here are marked “In Stock (Jan 2014)” (or some other month/year). Black Friday Sale does not generally apply to these items but we’ve offered a special opportunity for you to get a 25% or more discount on these new arrivals (see After Black Friday Sale).
  • Items marked “Out of Stock” or “Out of Print” will not be included in the Black Friday Sale. Well, we don’t have stock for these items so how to sell ler?

7. I am also interested in some of the New Arrivals eg items marked as “In Stock (Jan 2014)”. How can I get discount on these items?

Good news to you! Since those new arrivals are not going to arrive on-time for Black Friday Sale (which ends 12 Jan), we’ve decided to have an “After Black Friday Sale” which offers a 25% discount on our January arrivals only.

To qualify for this “After Black Friday Sale”, you need to make a Black Friday purchase of RM500 (based on discounted price, excluding Hot Deals) and above. And you can get another 5% if you share or tweet about our Black Friday Sale by sharing this page before Xmas.

Click here to see the hot list of Jan 2013 New Arrivals.

8. Where can I see a complete list of boardgames available in your webstore?

You can go to our Webstore to browse through a listing of all boardgames we carry. Alternatively walk-in to our OTK Cheras store to check out the games physically. Or just send us an email or whatsapp. 🙂

9. How do I place my order?

You can order your Black Friday games either by i) submitting an online order thru our webstore, or ii) email us with your order list.

10. How do I pay?

Three ways – i) bank deposit to our CIMB account, ii) cash if we COD at OTK Cheras, or iii) Paypal.

For COD, we normally do COD at OTK Cheras (where we hold our weekly meetups).
Where’s OTK Cheras?

For Paypal, please do not send any money to us until we’ve worked out the final amount for you to pay. There’s a Paypal surcharge of 3.5% but it gives you the convenience of paying using your credit card.

11. Can you reserve the games and ship to me (or I collect) later?

Yes, you may send us your order/wish list and we can keep aside the games for you on receipt of your full payment.

12. How will the games be sent to me?

You can either i) have the games shipped to you (next day delivery for anywhere in M’sia) or ii) collect them at OTK Cheras.

We normally carry a free shipping policy for orders above RM150, however during sale we will charge for shipping (but at cost) as the heavy discounts won’t allow us to cover for the shipping cost. We hope to have your understanding on this.

With the prompt and reliable services offered by the courier/despatch companies – we use Poslaju or Kangaroo – there’s really no reason now for you to have to drive/park/walk to get your games!

13. I like the big discounts given in this Black Friday Sale. When are you doing the next one?

Uhm… next year qua and we’ll continue to keep this tradition for your Xmas joy!

Got questions unanswered? Feel free to call/sms/whatspp or email us.

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