Sales Promo TableTop Day 2014 Promo


To celebrate TableTop Day and to encourage everyone to continue playing boardgames long after this weekend is gone, is running a short one-week promo (also coinciding with our latest arrivals). No membership fee required to enjoy these deals.

Buy More, Get More Sale – 10% off first item, 20% off for 2nd item and 25% off your 3rd item

Here’s how our Buy More Get More Sale works

    • Save 10% off your first item
    • Save 20% off your 2nd item
    • Save 25% off your 3rd item

Wait…. do you have BGC Points?

If you have bought from us in the past few months (since Dec 2013) then you would have already earned BGC Points and to reward your loyalty, here’s an even better Buy More Get More deal for you

    • Save 10% off your first item
    • Save 25% off your 2nd item
    • Save 35% off your 3rd item

Largest discount is taken on the lowest price item.

What’s excluded?
A few game titles won’t be included in this Buy More Get More promo and they are Caverna, Level 7 Omega Protocol, and games from the following publishers GMT, Wizards of the Coast and WizKids. See Question #1 in FAQ section below for full exclusion.

Free shipping not applicable to Buy More Get More deals
Our free delivery/shipping offer does not apply for purchases made using this Buy More Get More deal . You can either collect the games at OTK Cheras or have us deliver them to you (but shipping charges at-cost apply).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this promo

1. What are the list of game titles excluded from this promo?

– Caverna

– Level 7 Omega Protocol

– Rococo

– GMT titles

– Japanime Games titles eg Krosmaster

– UpperDeck titles eg Legendary Marvel

– Wizards of the Coast titles eg Axis & Allies

– WizKids titles eg Mage Knights

– Games with net prices eg Print-on-Demand

– Out of Stock items

2. Is the discount based on webstore promo price or retail price?

All discount is calculated from the retail price. Take Terra Mystica for eg. which retails for RM269 and has a webstore promo price of RM245. Β If you buy Terra Mystica as your 3rd game, you can get it for just RM269 * 0.65 = RM174.85 (if you are a BGC Point member).

3. Will be there further discount if I buy in volumes?

The discount is grouped in purchases of 3 games. If you buy 5 games from us, you’ll enjoy the discounts in the following scale

– first game at 10%

– 2nd game at 25%

– 3rd game at 35%

– 4th game at 10%

– 5th game at 25%

– etc

4. How does this “Largest discount is taken on the lowest priced item” work?

Since our discount is in tiered, you apply the discounts in descending retail price order for the games you bought ie the largest discount (ie the 3rd tier) is applied to the lowest priced game in your purchase.

Take for example you bought three games with the following retail price RM259, RM209, RM189

– the first discount of 10% applies to RM259

– the 2nd discount of 25% applies to RM209

– the 3rd discount of 35% applies to RM189

5. Can everyone take advantage of this Buy More Get More promo?

Certainly YES. Even if you have not bought from us before. And no, you do not have to pay us a membership fee to join before you can enjoy this discount. Just grab some games from us and you are most welcomed!

To reward returning customers (ie those with BGC Points), we have obviously structured a better deal for them. But fret no, since by making your first purchase with us thru this promo, you would have earned BGC Points which then qualifies you for a better deal in our next promos. πŸ™‚

6. When’s the sale period?

This promo started on 5th April 2014 (Sat) and will end exactly at midnite 13 April 2014 (Sun). We understand some of you have made purchases from us yesterday – yes those can be applied retrospectively towards this promo. Just come back and get your 2nd or 3rd games.

7. Is this promotion applicable on your April 2014 new arrivals

Yes, except for the games/publishers listed in question #1 above.

8. Where can I see a complete list of boardgames available in your webstore?

You can go to our Webstore to browse through a listing of all boardgames we carry. Alternatively walk-in to our OTK Cheras store to check out the games physically. Or just send us an email or whatsapp. πŸ™‚

List of April 2014 new arrivals

9. How do I place my order?

You can order your orders either by i) submitting an online order thru our webstore, or ii) email us with your order list.

10. How do I pay?

Three ways – i) bank deposit to our CIMB account, ii) cash if we COD at OTK Cheras, or iii) Paypal.

For COD, we normally do COD at OTK Cheras (where we hold our weekly meetups).

Where’s OTK Cheras?

For Paypal, please do not send any money to us until we’ve worked out the final amount for you to pay. There’s a Paypal surcharge of 3% but it gives you the convenience of paying using your credit card.

11. Can you reserve the games and ship to me (or I collect) later?

Yes, you may send us your order/wish list and we can keep aside the games for you on receipt of your full payment.

12. How will the games be sent to me?

You can either i) have the games shipped to you or ii) collect them at OTK Cheras.

We normally carry a free shipping policy for orders above RM150, however during sale we charge for shipping (but at cost) as the heavy discounts won’t allow us to cover for the shipping cost. We hope to have your understanding on this.

With the prompt and reliable services offered by the courier/despatch companies – we use Kangaroo – there’s really no reason now for you to have to drive/park/walk to get your games!

13. I missed this promo! When are you doing the next one and how would I know?

We always announce our promos & offers through our Facebook page and blog. We suggest you “like” our Facebook page and/or follow your blog to be kept informed of special offers.

– To like our Facebook page, pls visit
– To read / follow our blog posts, pls go to

Got questions unanswered? Feel free to call/sms/whatspp or email us.



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