Dancing Queen on Malay Mail and 8TV


When Vivae Board Game Cafe (Ampang branch) did their official launch, there were reporters doing interviews, and the short video from Malay Mail is now on Youtube. My design Dancing Queen, released at the end of 2022, was featured in the video. They covered that Dancing Queen won the 2021 9-card game design contest on BoardGameGeek. It’s great to get some limelight! 
Can you find Dancing Queen?
Lim Jia Xian organised a boardgame event in Bukit Mertajam and it was featured on the Astro 8TV TV channel. I didn’t attend the event, but Dancing Queen made an appearance in the video alongside other local designs. Evan Cheah, the other guy being interviewed in the video, is from the local game designer circle and has played Dancing Queen before too. 

Get a copy of Dancing Queen here: 

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