BGC Old Town Pavilion Meetup 25/2/09 – Brass (with Nate from Chicago Meetup)

Gamers: Jeff Au, Wai Yan, Allen, Nate Scheidler

Games: Brass

Location: Old Town Kopitiam, Pavilion
Date/Time: 25 February 2009 (Wed) Meetup Report @ Old Town Pavilion 25/2/2009
by jack208

A visiting Meetup organizer Nate from the Chicago Boardgames Meetup group prompted an impromptu meetup session at Old Town Pavilion where we also learned something about the Chicago Boardgame Designer scene.


Nate Scheidler runs the Chicago Boardgames / Boardgame Designers Meetup groups, and he reached out to me asking if we can meet up for a game session as he’ll in in KL this week.

Allen (left) and Nate (Chicago Boardgame Designers Meetup)

It was rather last minute so a quick reach-out and we managed to get three of us to do a session of Martin Wallace’s BRASS at Old Town Kopitiam in Pavilion.

Nate shared with us how the Chicago Boardgame Designers community was setup, it’s purpose and how its community get together almost weekly to have playtest and design review sessions.

The boardgame industry is still in its infancy here in Malaysia but it would be great to be able to build up our community towards the type of engagement the Chicago Boardgame Designers are enjoying now. #hopes

Here’s Nate write-up of his two Chicago groups (posted in Boardgamegeek). If anyone’s in the Chicago area, do check out the Chicago Meetup groups.

Hi folks,

I’m the organizer of the Chicago Boardgames Meetup and Boardgame Designers meetup on (links at the bottom). I took the helm for the 6-year old CBGM from Travis back in May and have since been working hard at expanding it. I recently picked up the Designers meetup and re-launched it just last week (we are focusing on mechanics, theory and industry; we have a partner group with a playtesting focus).

If you’re in the Chicago area and either looking to connect in with a group or expand on your own group, I encourage you to visit and join either or both groups. It is free to register and join these groups on, and I’ll be maintaining these groups there due to the organizer tools available as well as search engine placement.

I’m also interested in additional assistant organizers and venues!

Thanks for your time and interest!

Nate Scheidler

Chicago Boardgames Meetup:
Chicago Boardgame Designers Meetup:

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