1st M’sian Power Grid Tournament

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Continuing with our fine tradition of organizing boardgame events, would like to present to you Malaysia’s 1st POWER GRID Tournament!

POWER GRID (or Funkenschlag, it’s original German name) is an euro boardgame designed by Friedemann Friese in which the gamers play the role of independent power producer, and you get to build power grid networks, bid for the best power plants, acquire raw materials at the lower cost possible, all in order to supply the most cities with electrical power. The player who can built his power plant empire in the most efficient manner wins the game!


The tournament will be held over a series of 6 qualifers culminating with a FINALS (so that’s seven weeks of intense competition for power plant network domination). The qualifiers shall be held at’s partner venue and everyone is welcome to participate (even if you have not been to that venue before).

Qualifying Rounds
There will be six rounds of qualifying matches played at various participating venues spread around the city so there’s likely one near you. We are expecting 12 participants for each qualifying round.

There shall be two stages for each qualifying round:

  • Stage 1: All participants shall play the first map (Germany) with the top three finishers in each stage (assuming 2 boards of 6 players) advancing to Stage 2
  • Stage 2: The top three finishers from Stage 1 shall play in a 6-player game using the China map.

The top two finishers of Stage 2 from each qualifying round shall advance to the FINALS and also receive Rm50 boardgame vouchers.

The participating partner venues for the Qualifying Rounds as listed below

1. Boardgame Depot, Bangsar (link) – Mar 13 (Sun) 2 pm
2. Cassian Kitchen, Subang (link) – Mar 20 (Sun) 2 pm
3. Family Boardgame Station, Setapak (link) – Mar 27 (Sun) 2 pm
4. Wolf Game Shop, Petaling Jaya (link) – Apr 3 (Sun) 2 pm
5. *To be confirmed – Apr 10 (Sun) 2 pm
6. Old Town Kopitiam OTK, Cheras (link) – Apr 15 (Fri) 8 pm

* We are in the midst of selecting the 5th venue from a choice of three. We’ll update everyone once we’ve made our decision.

Entrance Fees. There shall be an entrance fee of Rm20 for each qualifying round (and some participating venue may also have a nominal F&B fee). However each participant who paid the Rm20 entrance fee shall receive a boardgame voucher of the same value to be redeem for purchase of boardgames. This voucher is only given to participants at the end of competition day. No voucher will be given for participants who did not attend or complete the matches.

Get a Fee Waiver. Participants who offer to bring their own copy of Power Grid with the associated map(s) shall receive a waiver on the entrance fee. Please email the tournament organizer at if you intend to bring your own game.

Entrance fee is also waived for Evangelists and Inner Circles.

Event registration invite will be posted at’s Facebook page. Click here to register.

The Finals shall be played in a single session of two rounds; beginning with the semi-finals consisting of all 12 finishers from the qualifying rounds and ending with the final match.

– Semi-finals: Twelve participants to play in two 6-player game using the Korea map. Top three finishers from each semi-final advace to the Final.

– Final: All six top finishers to play in a 6-player game using the newly arrived Japan map. Prizes in the form of *Gift Vouchers, Power Grid Japan/Russia map for the top three finishers in the Final Round.

* While we’ve yet to finalize the value of the gift vouchers for the top finishers, we are looking at vouchers in the Rm300+ ballpark for the winner.

FAQs to Power Grid 2011 Tournament

Qualifier #1 Boardgame Depot Round 1
Qualifier #1 Boardgame Depot Round 2
Qualifier #2 Cassian Kitchen
Qualifier #3 Family Boardgame Station
Qualifier #4 Wolf Game Shop
Qualifier #5 Mage Cafe Round 1
Qualifier #5 Mage Cafe Round 2
Qualifier #6 OTK

LINKS on Facebook
Boardgamegeek – information on Power Grid game
Power Grid FAQs – FAQs from the official site
Buy Power Grid – list of Power Grid and all expansion maps

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