FAQs on BGC Power Grid M’sia 2011

For more details on the tournament itself, pls visit this link.

Before we dive into the Frequently Asked Questions, if you are still contemplating whether to take part in this competition, let me share with you some interesting thoughts from one of our Inner Circle members on “competitive gaming”.
“I guess the idea of competitive gaming is to help promote the hobby and to get different people from different groups to play on a common ground. It’s a good idea to get people from out of their regular gaming groups at home to congregate to share ideas and experiences.
It also helps to exchange strategies and tips to ruffle up standard tactics practised by groups that played too much together that they settle into a predictable pattern. It is also a chance for strangers without gaming group to join in and introduce themselves.
So yeah, taking it from this angle, competitive play is a positive thing. Only thing to watch out for are the die-also-must-win type. Just take a deep breath and walk away from such a player.”   ~~ayheng

Registration & Entrance Fees

1. Where do I sign up?
BGC: We’ll be publishing these qualifying rounds as Events in our Facebook page. You can register there once it’s published. The Boardgame Depot Qualifier is now posted as an event in our Facebook page (click here to register). We normally have two qualifier events published in the same week.
2. Do I have to pay the entrance fee again if say I did not win in the first Qualifier and decide to take part in the next qualifier?

BGC: Yes, entrance fee (plus venue F&B charges where applicable) applies per qualifier. If you took part in two qualifiers, you pay for two entrance fees. However for each qualifier where you participated and paid entrance fee, you will still receive a boardgame voucher from us worth the same as the entrance fee for you to redeem on your next purchase. Therefore your entrance fee is not an “expense” to you but merely a deposit of your commitment to participate. J
3. Can I sign up for ALL six qualifying rounds?

BGC: Yes you can but we would rather you don’t; to give others a chance to participate. You still have to pay Rm20 for each qualifier you are signing up. 😛
But note that should you qualify for the FINAL on one of the qualifying rounds, your registration fee for the remaining qualifiers won’t be refunded to you, and your space in the remaining qualifier shall be opened for others to sign-up. J
Our suggestion is to sign up for the incoming qualifier, play your best in it and if you did not qualify, then sign up for the next one. Who knows, you might make the cut in this qualifier.
4. When do I have to pay the Entrance Fee?

BGC: For gamers who are active meetup participants (OTK Cheras or Cassian), we can collect from you on competition day. For gamers who are new to our community & meetups (ie. we’ve not met you before and you are also not active on our forums & facebook) if you wish to secure your seat, you’ll be required to deposit your Entrance Fee to our CIMB account (details will be forwarded to you when you register). This entrance fee is NOT refundable.
5. Will there be a walk-in registration?

BGC: Yes we’ll entertain walk-in (providing there are seats available). However walk-in registration WILL not get a boardgame voucher in return for your entrance fee.
6. What is this “Venue F&B Fee”?

BGC: Since some of the venues we are participating in are “commercial” businesses; F&B or boardgame cafes – we do not want to be free-loaders and take advantage of their generosity. As such we allow them to charge a nominal F&B fee (usually not more than Rm5) and in return they provide us with a cozy environment and some drinks and/or food during the competition.
For venues which do not charge F&B fees such as OTK Cheras, we’ll like all participants to order at least one drink to keep the establishment happy. J
7. But I’m only coming to watch the competition and/or support my friend. Do I still have to pay the Entrance Fee or Venue F&B Fee?

BGC: No you do not have to pay the Entrance Fee but you need to pay for the F&B fee. As mentioned above, the venue will provide some food & drinks for the F&B fee, and I’m sure you’ll need some refreshment while in the outlet?
Note: Inner Circles, Evangelists and VVIP Customers will have their Entrance Fee & F&B Venue Fee waived. shall cover this cost for you. No boardgame voucher is given if entrance fee is waived.

8. If I wish to bring my own copy of Power Grid and receive a waiver on the entrance fee, do I just bring my game on competition day? What about the maps?

BGC: You need to inform the event organizer that you wish to bring your own copy of Power Grid and the relevant maps, and to receive confirmation from them before you are entitled to the entrance fee waiver. Otherwise we may end up having all 12 participants all bringing their own copies which is redundant for the purpose of the competition.
9. Is the Entrance Fee transerable?

BGC: Yes provided you send us written notification no later than 4 hours before the event start time. Otherwise your attendance is counted as “no-show”.
Competition Rules

1. You mentioned Germany is played in the 1st round and China in the 2nd round. Can we request for a change of map?

BGC: No. 🙂

2. How many players per board/session?

BGC: Ideally we want to group 6 players into one board. However if we do not get exactly 12 registrations, we may start with less than 6 per board but we’ll distribute the no. of players as evenly among both boards as we can.

3. Will Power Deck 2 be used in the competition?

BGC: Deck 2 won’t be used in the Qualifying Rounds but we are considering introducing them in the semi-finals.
4. Must I know how to play the game before I sign-up?

BGC: Yes you must. This tournament is rated “Beginner” so yes you do need to know how to play the game and have at least played it once. We won’tbe teaching the game on competition day. However if you wish to learn how to play the game, you are more than welcomed to pop in to any of the qualifier outlet and request for a session. For Cassian and OTK Cheras, you have to do that during their Meetup Days.
5. What are the “Power Grid rules” used for this tournament

BGC: Standard rules as per the latest edition of Power Grid (click here to download rules) with money played as hidden.
Vouchers & Prizes

1. When do we get the Rm20 boardgame voucher (as part of the entrance fee)?

BGC: The Rm20 boardgame voucher shall be presented to you at the end of the qualifier day, on completion of the session. reserves the right not to present the boardgame voucher to any player who did not finish their game, or behaved in an unsportsmanlike behavior.

2. What are the prizes for the Top 2 Finishers from each qualifier?

BGC: The Top 2 Finishers from each qualifier shall earn a spot in the semi-finals on FINAL Day (no entrance fee required) and also win a Rm50 boardgame voucher each. The boardgame voucher prize is given at the end of the Qualifier itself.
3. Can I enter the next qualifier if I’ve already qualified for the FINAL?

BGC: No. If you have already qualified, you won’t be allowed to enter any of the subsequent qualifiers. Why would you? 😛
4. What are the prizes for FINAL Day?

BGC: We’ve not finalized this yet but we are certainly giving out substantial boardgame vouchers for the Top Three Finishers in the FINAL. We hope to finalize and announce this soon.

I have other questions not listed above. How?

BGC: Send your questions to and we’ll attend to it immediately.
Or you can join the discussion on Power Grid 2011 here (click link).

Thank you and hope to see all of you in our POWER GRID Tournament 2011! We wish you all the best in the competition….

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