Dancing Queen goes to print


This is an exciting time for me. My first physically published game will be out soon – Dancing Queen. The whole journey took close to two years. I hadn’t specifically planned for this to be my first published game. It all started with participating in the 9-Card Nanogame game design competition on BoardGameGeek.com. I started the design process in January 2021. Dancing Queen later won the Best Overall Game. 
The actual publishing project started early in 2022. By this stage the core game mechanism did not change any more. However there was much more we had to improve and adjust. We tried out different concept art. We explored how to better communicate the card powers. We revisited and rearranged the rulebook. We still had to do more playtesting, including cold playtesting, to tease out what else were problematic and needed to be addressed. There was production planning and quality checking to do. Costing. A lot of detailed work went into the project, and I now have a much better appreciation of the intricacies of creating a good product. It is much more than just game mechanism and nice art. 
Preorders for Dancing Queen will close on 27 Nov 2022. You can preorder at Cili Padi Games. Dancing Queen will be at the Anigames convention 9 – 11 Dec 2022, which will be at GMBB Mall in the Kuala Lumpur city area. 
These are proofs using final art, and not the actual product yet. There were still some corrections and adjustment needed. The game printing is in progress now. 
I like how the colours turned out. 
We are printing on PVC – sturdy and waterproof
The rulebook is full-colour
The rulebook went through many revisions
Eventually the cards will all be die cut and have rounded edges
The whole game will be packaged into one small box that can fit into your pocket
Preorder Dancing Queen at Cili Padi Games by 27 Nov 2022! 

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