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OTK First Visit Promo – Get 20% off all games!

OTK First Visit Promo – Get 20% off all games!

After the hectic frantic epic Opening Day Gaming where almost everyone went back as zombies (especially those four dudes fighting spice in the land of Dune who left OTK at 9 am Sat), it’s now hopefully life-back-to-normal at OTK Cheras as we prepare for our 1st Friday Meetup tomorrow. J

BGC Meetup - New OTK

OTK Cheras has remained an enigma in the local boardgaming scene. Situated in a place that’s most likely at the far side of the world for most gamers and with a traffic jam that can sometimes be notorious on Friday evening (it’s getting better, hehe), yet the lure of experiencing boardgaming at its best kept gamers coming back.

BGC Meetup - Imperial

It started basically as a gathering of friends (when we hosted meetups at Old Town) for me to be able to find enough kakis to play boardgames at least once a week. The gathering has since evolved into (I hope I’m not being presumptous here) the leading boardgame community locally.

BGC Meetup - New OTK

The “OTK Wall” is a testament to those – near & far (as far as UK, Spain, Italy and Hungary!) – who made the trip here to game with us, and I’m honored to have played some boardgames with those whose names are listed on the wall. Make sure you know who you are coz we’ll be running occassional promos, first dips at hot incoming games and special offers only to those peeps in the “OTK Wall”. πŸ™‚

However it’s the new OTK that’s the focus of our attention now and to give some of you a reason to make that trek up here, is pleased to announce our OTK First Visit promo! Tell us this is your first visit to OTK Cheras and you get a 20% discount off all games (and accessories) purchased on your first visit. This promo is only valid on your first visit! Don’t miss it coz you can’t claim this on your 2nd visit. πŸ˜›

To discuss or ask question on this OTK First Visit promo, pls post a reply to this topic

Hope to see you soon at (new) OTK Cheras!

P/s This promo starts effective with the first meetup at new OTK tomorrow (23/9) and as such those who came on our Opening Day Gaming are still eligible for this promo on your next visit to OTK Cheras (we enjoyed gaming so much with you last week, we hope to see you again!)

Note: This promo is for “your first visit“, not on our “first meetup” at OTK and applies to everyone whether you are a newbie, a regular gamer or hardcore one with your own gaming group. No membership required.

T&C: The First Time Visit promo may not be applicable on certain categories of games (eg Essen Hot Arrivals or Out-of-Print games). Ask us if you are not sure. πŸ™‚

Update: The “First Visit Promo” has already expired (as it was meant to be a promo to get customers to visit us during our opening months). However due to recent inquiries, we are looking to revive this albeit as a slightly different First Visit Promo. Stay tune here or in our Facebook page for the announcement in the near future.

Directions to get to OTK Cheras

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