OTK Cheras – Directions to Get Here

OTK Cheras РGetting Here
In response to many who asked us how to get here, hopefully this blog entry would help provide¬†some useful directions to ye who intend to make the trek to the abode of the Jedis! ūüėõ
OTK¬†Cheras¬†is located¬†in Taman¬†Sri Bahtera, which is opposite the more widely known Taman¬†Midah. It’s address and lat-long coordinates are given below so if you have a navigational GPS, these are all the info you need to find us. ūüėõ
157-1 (1st Floor), Jalan Lancang
Taman Sri Bahtera, Cheras
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 91333537
N 03¬į 06.179′ E 101¬į 44.237′
We are located near the Batu 5 Cheras roundabout opposite Tesco Extra Cheras. If you are driving to OTK Cheras, there are three roads that you can take to get to us -> 1) Jalan Loke Yew / Jalan Cheras, 2) Jalan Cheras coming from Taman Connaught or Kajang, and 3) MRR2.
Route #1. Jalan Loke Yew / Jalan Cheras (from city centre)
This would be the preferred route and best to use if you are coming from city centre, Bangsar, Jalan Kuching etc. Just get yourself onto Jalan Loke Yew and drive along the highway heading towards the direction of Kajang until you reach Jalan Cheras past the Taman Pertama roundabout.
OTK Cheras - From Jalan Cheras / Loke Yew
1. Go further along Jalan Cheras (after Taman Pertama)
2. Immediately after Taman Pertama, you would see a BHP petrol station on your left
3. Further up you’ll see a Shell petrol station also on your left, with a McDonalds Drive-thru attached
4. There’ll be a bus stop after the Shell station and the next left exit after the bus stop would take you to Old Town White Coffee caf√© (the facade which you can see clearly on your left). This was where Boardgamecafe¬†used to host our Friday meetups (pre Sep 2011)
5. Take the next left turn (ie. the 2nd left turn after the bus stop) – see map above.
Note: If you have reached the Batu 5 Cheras¬†Roundabout then you have overshoot the “left turn” and need to follow the instruction from step #2 in Route #2 below.
6. You would see INHOUSE CAFE at the corner of a single row of shoplots
7. OTK Cheras is located along this same row of shoplots (we are at number 157, on the 1st floor)
Route #2. Taman Connaught / Kajang Рalong Jalan Cheras
If you are coming from Kajang, Sg Long or Petaling¬†Jaya¬†(exiting via the Midvalley¬†/ Old Klang Road exit) then you’ll be taking this route which would take you along Jalan¬†Cheras¬†heading into the Batu 5 Cheras roundabout but from the opposite direction as Route #1 above.
OTK Cheras - From Taman Connaught / Kajang
1. Go round the roundabout and take the 9 o’clock (3rd) exit
2. After you exited the roundabout, you’ll need to keep left along Jalan¬†Lingkaran¬†Tengah 2
3. Take the 1st left-turn (just before the traffic light) which would take you into the Taman Sri Bahtera residential area
4. Take another left turn immediately after the left-turn in step #3 above. You are now in Jalan Lancang.
5. Drive along Jalan Lancang; you should have double-storey houses on your right and the Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2 road on your left
6. You would then reach the single row of shoplots (refer step 6 in Route #1) with INHOUSE CAFE at the far end
7. Take an u-turn at the INHOUSE CAFE junction.
8. OTK Cheras is located along this same row (at number 157, we are on the 1st floor)
Route #3. Along MRR2 from the direction of Bukit Jalil / Sri Petaling
The last route option is for those driving along MRR2, coming from the direction of Bukit Jalil, Sunway, Puchong, USJ.
OTK Cheras - From MRR2
1. You’ll exit MRR2¬†at the Tesco¬†Extra Cheras exit
2. Go round the Batu 5 Cheras Roundabout and take the 12 o’clock (2nd) exit heading into Jalan¬†Lingkaran¬†Tengah 2
3. Continue from step #3 of Route #2 above.
If you are coming from Ampang, Wangsa¬†Maju, Gombak¬†(opposite direction) – you exit MRR2¬†at the same Batu 5 Cheras Roundabout but take the 6 o’clock exit instead.
Hope the above directions are useful. If you need help, do feel free to give us a call. If this is your first visit to OTK, remember we’ve a special First Visit Promo for you! J
A quick answer to this… for buying games, most days we are open from noon onwards and from morning on weekends (will post operating hours soon) but for meetups/gaming, we are open only on Friday from 8 pm till early morning Saturday.

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