OTK Meetup 14/6/2013 – Pack & Stack, Cowabunga, Libertalia, Cash n Guns, Fusion, Pigz Up, Kingdom Builder

Following two hectic Fridays of Mori & Feld, we decided on a change of pace as we went thru a nite of lighter (but no less fun) gaming tonight with Pack & Stack, Cowabunga, Fusion, Pigz Up, Cash n Guns, Libertalia and Kingdom Builder. Well, Kingdom Builder’s not exactly light-n-easy but that’s OTK for you! 🙂


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Salahuddin S

Great people, great environment, great experience. For a true board game lover.


Kudos to CK and gang who worked hard at creating board-gaming awareness. OTK is a great place to host such events and I will definitely be one of the main supporters. As usual, whenever there are games that needs reviewing, I would be happy to contribute.

Cinch V

To me, BoardgameCafe.net is not about business, is about passion for boardgames.