Twilight Struggle Digital

Twilight Struggle Digital Since we like to encourage more board face-to-face interactions, we normally do not highlight or write much about digital version of boardgames (be it iPad or online). However recently GMT has announced it’s digital Windows PC (only) edition of it’s hugely popular game (and currently […]

OTK Meetup 14/6/2013 – Pack & Stack, Cowabunga, Libertalia, Cash n Guns, Fusion, Pigz Up, Kingdom Builder

Following two hectic Fridays of Mori & Feld, we decided on a change of pace as we went thru a nite of lighter (but no less fun) gaming tonight with Pack & Stack, Cowabunga, Fusion, Pigz Up, Cash n Guns, Libertalia and Kingdom Builder. Well, Kingdom Builder’s not exactly light-n-easy but that’s OTK for you! 🙂

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Stanley L

Staff is friendly, great prices and cool library. Definitely recommend anyone who is interested in purchasing board games 😉

S. Radzi

Well done with the upgrades, really loves the store. recommends to all especially all my students.


Friendly and effective seller, highly recommended !